Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm a slacker.....

I realize that I have been a tad slacking in updating this blog, but I don't think anyone's reading it anyway, so I'm not overly worried about it.  :)

Here's the updates...

I am starting my second trimester on Monday.  I still feel like crap most of the time.  Nauseous from eating, nauseous from not eating, nauseous from driving, nauseous from walking, nauseous from doing anything other than laying down.  Not the most fun I've ever had.  Still worth every minute, though a little harder to remember that in the moment sometimes.

We had our first trimester screening, bloodwork and ultrasound last week and everything is perfect.  M was super worried about this because they had some scary results with their now 6 year old at his first trimester screening.  I know she was very relieved that everything looks good.

My blood pressure has been a bit elevated, which is apparently concerning me more than my doctor.  I had issues in my third trimester with my last pregnancy so I'm a bit worried that this is happening in my first.  I think it's mostly because I'm so completely huge!!!  I weigh more right now than I did when I had my surroson ...  I am kicking myself a bit that I didn't give my body quite enough time to recover between pregnancies, but I was just so anxious to start over.  Lesson learned I guess, because being fat is HARD!  Everyday things just seem so much harder and forget about shopping for clothes!  I was down to only three shirts I could wear to work and after trying on an entire store, finally found two more I didn't hate.  Maternity clothes are going to be a problem ...  Are there even any stores you can buy maternity clothes for fat women??  I see some online, but that isn't really helpful.  If I can try on 100 things and buy two...  my chances of ordering clothes that fit and look acceptable online seems pretty slim.  Oh well ...  another couple months I think before I have to trudge over that bridge.

I've been trying to decide when to "announce" that I'm pregnant.  I've been telling people on an individual basis, but there's that whole coming out on facebook thing that I really want to do.  I'm thinking maybe on Monday when I hit my second trimester.  I really want to share with all of my friends that I'm doing another surrogacy journey!

M&D are still awesome.  I am so thrilled that I got another amazing couple to help.  They treat me like gold and I know they are going to love this little baby for all he or she deserves!