Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The waiting is the hardest part!

I'm happy to say that the transfer went well yesterday.  We implanted two super healthy 5 day embryos and now we wait!  This is definitely the hardest part.  I'm going to home test starting on Saturday.  Saturday seems like it's a month away!

Before the transfer I gave M (I'm going to go with M and D for mom and dad instead of IM and IF going forward..) a pair of bracelets I had found a few weeks ago that seemed to speak PERFECTLY to our situation. You can check them out here ...
They are "Trust Your Journey" bracelets and they come in pairs!  How perfect is that?  I actually cried when I saw them in the catalog, because I felt like they were made just for us.  I wrote a note in a card for M and gave it to her right before we all went in.  I had to ask the (somewhat mean!) nurse to give us 30 more seconds so she had time to read it, but it was super important to me that she read it before the transfer.  M is a very talkative woman, and she was rendered speechless.  Of course she got teary, which meant I got teary too, but now we both have our bracelets and I'm hoping we'll wear them through this journey.  She kept telling me yesterday how much she loved it.  That not only for this, but for everything in her life she second guesses herself and that this will be a physical reminder that sometimes you just need to TRUST!   

I'm feeling kind of emotional today ..  Wondering if it's the hormone's I'm taking finally kicking in, or if it's just anticipating the next week.  All I know is that I was watching the last 5 minutes of Made on MTV (no judgement!  Daytime TV sucks!) and it was about cheerleaders, which I really couldn't care less about, but it still made me cry!  Not fair!!!  

...and now back to the waiting!  

**Edit I just watched the next episode of Made.  It was about hip hop and that made me cry too.  CLEARLY there is something wrong with me!  :)  

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