Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time, time, time .. See what's become of me ..

So we have a bit of progress.  We've started a new cycle and our next transfer date is scheduled for Saturday December 10th.  I greatly appreciate my RE letting us do a Saturday transfer.  This means I don't have to miss any work for this, which is very good since all of my sick, personal and vacation days have been long since burned with my last pregnancy.  Apparently they don't usually plan transfers for Saturday, but apparently it doesn't hurt to ask!

My boyfriend and I had dinner with M and D last weekend.  It was nice to see them again since we hadn't seen them since the last transfer.  M lost her TYJ bracelet right before we got our negative pregnancy result.  (omen?!?) She bought a new set of them and gave me mine on Saturday night.  Now I'm wearing two of them.  :)  Double the luck for next time??

I met another surrogate from my agency last night.  She was out meeting her new IPs!  Despite a few setbacks, we did manage to meet up.  It's so nice to be able to talk to other people that actually get it.  Hoping we get to be preggo buddies!

Feel free to start sending sticky vibes for the 10th anytime!

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